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BOTTOM LINE IN ANY FORMAT AND STRATEGY USED ABOVE: for our shows Phase Two expansion our production team shall immediately 1) Target to garner the highest exposure possible to reach our beloved Red and Magenta Nation viewership and 2)  Work in tandem to create the highest  revenues possible to the benefit of our production partners and vendors with both comedy and excellence. 

We ask you to take and make a calculated investment on our show. Join our talented, seasoned team and be part of our vision and  break ground with us as our partners and vendors. We have a strong show, the timing is right, the demographics exists and the rewards are there waiting to be actualized. As they always are, in this great country or both risk and reward.  Feel free to contact me on our contact page to have a meeting as needed.


Phase One Completed!: Our "Conservatively Unplugged!”  show development period commenced 24 months ago as we perfected this show.  Prior to production completion our social media campaign was launched. Our test seaspomn one competed pilot was broken into 13 individual 2-5 minute comedic news segments per the preferred online format and posts publicly on our Youtube Channel "Conservatively Unplugged! With Judd Dunning". But  just like the Daily show took 6 years to hum ~ that was just  nailing the concept. The new Season 2 pilot is high production quality almost done and we are now ready to air!

Every broadcast is being proliferated via our website at  our website at, then proliferated further via on YouTube Channel "Conservatively Unplugged! With Judd Dunning", on Facebook  at "Conservatively Unplugged Political Entertainment News Show", on Twitter at @redisthenewcool, on Wordpress (Blog)   as Redisthenewcool,  On Podomatic as Conservatively Unplugged!  , on Google + as Judd Host Con UPG, on Instagram @redisthenewcoolJD , streaming live on Meerkat and Periscope via @redisthenewcool and our CU! Studio News Team Broadcasts are ready to for cable TV now.

Phase Two encompasses our show being quickly developed in SEPTEMBER OCTOBER OR NOVEMBER 2016, shot and broadcast on cable as a weekly 22 minute (half hour) comedic political news entertainment show.  As you will observe below there are numerous vendor models and revenue stream ready to go. Our Phase Two broadcast objectives are such are prioritized as follows:

1) Network or Cable Vendors looking to breakout in order to capture more of the current ever changing new programming demographics. This trend is occurring much more frequently as 250 core networks brainstorm while taking more risks to battle for the attention of "Channel Choice Overloaded" viewers). More traditional television media outlets in example are: Comedy Central, Wealth Channel's One America News, The America Channel, Late Night Fox Network, TV Guide Channel, Spike, Pivot, Bravo, Showtimes or HBO's Primary or Secondary Channels, CMT, Comedy Network, Destination America, FXX, AXS TV, Impact, CW, Ion, Link TV, Velocity, Daystar, Impact,  Nuvo, RFD TV, TBN, etc. THIS IS OUR CORE OBJECTIVE AS THIS IS MADE FOR THIS AVENUE.

Other Venues:

 2) "Above The Box" Web Based TV:  Media outlets such as Netflix, Quickster, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Redblox Online, Blockbuster Online, Android, Itunes - Apple TV and Vudu are also always seeking edgy, viewer grabbing content with larger and larger production budgets for "original content"  each year.

3)  Existing High Exposure Channel / Online Only Networks:  Many established online channels with already established larger viewerships now exist and are already making millions of dollars in online advertising revenues.  i.e.The Blaze, UT TV, My Damn Channel,Infowars  Notably after airing "Conservatively Unplugged!”on another established online channel this would then also includes the possibilities of a future joint venture/opportunity. This opportunity could entail first creating a partnership first to "incubate" our show and build a larger following to the million+ subscriber status. Then, with a high built in viewership in tow, this makes our show very attractive to development companies and cable outlets and allows us to cut a better end user deal.

3) Creating Our Own "Right Leaning Multi-Program Channel/Internet Online Entertainment/News/Lifestyle Network" With A High Net Worth Backer/Investor: Although this route with it's infrastructure is more capital intensive to commence, this more costly strategy can create very high revenues and is an excellent business model. i.e The Blaze,My Damn Channel, Infowars on The Alex Jones Channel. This also usually involves creating a full live streaming facility and studio that runs to multiple feeds, but there are very significant revenues possible for both the owners and backers. As well as future buyout options.

4) High Budgeted Proliferation Of Our Own"Conservatively Unplugged!” Youtube Channel and Own Website: With an expanded strong budget of to start from a from a private partner, the expansion of our show in it's own present home can also garner very attractive returns, if done well. The publication Business Insider this year  worked with the YouTube analytics company SocialBlade to analyze current revenues to the very best solo youtubers, Social Blade took both the upper and lower limits, based on channel daily views multiplied by a low cost-per-thousand impression advertising (CPM) rate of $0.60 and a high rate of $5. The range is wide to account for differences in the type of ad (including kinds of banner ads and pre-roll) and brand value, but close.These numbers in example below are net numbers after Youtube's standard 45% Cut: Number 20 was a child at EvanTubeHD who reviews his favorite video games and has 476,000 total subscribers with 43,00,000 views who then made $1,320,000, at the number one position PewDiePi with 23.9 million total subscribers, 3.69 billion total views making 8.67 million a year. Without Youtube revenues, numerous individual websites simply utilize the over 19 ways  to monetizing and over seven figures a year for both them and their core investor/partners. Key to this is  a professional well funded social media team, cast and crew.


SHOWS AVAILABLE FOR "THE OTHER 50%":    Around 3,600,000 Americans tuned in to a single show of the Daily Show last year. 2-3 Million Americans watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's shows on a daily basis. Jon Stewart himself, made $28,000,000 his last year, Stephen Colbert made $8,000,000 before he turned over the throne to Larry Wilmore.  It is fairly easy to do the math for these political entertainment production and advertising revenues made this networks and production companies. On the other side of this comedy news equation lies a hot,very large, very under-served market that needs to tapped into. So,where do Right Leaning or Libertarians currently go for political news with a few ideological aligned laughs as their own entertainment?  They don't, there's nowhere to go. They might hit the Comedy Central line up once in awhile, but then change the channel when the show completely misses capturing their own positions and values.  What does exist is as follows: Fox's Red Eye?  Not  higher concept comedy and thus not highly funny. Dennis Miller has used being smart yet wacky to successfully to get past the more "Left Leaning" media barriers, but he's older now and lost his demographic reach. Which Late Night Talk Show hosts are openly to the Right of the Aisle or at least the Center Right? None, zilch, nada, zip. 

Next, why hasn't this format worked the very few times attempted before? Simple: 1) Hollywood is traditionally Left Leaning and Democrat and 2) As a result of this over the many years, the Right is buried deep in many strong, antiquated stereotypes that simply no longer represent the New Right and 3) Right leaning traditional values are most  funny if delivered via a more "self effacing, whacky, and not " finger pointing" format while still remaining true it's own ideological views. This balancing act has never been done correctly. We took 24 months to  continue to refine this  "funny formula" as we roll to this election cycle. The time to strike is NOW. Notably in the younger Comedy Central 18-29 year old demographic, their is a growing population, a  "New Youth Rebellion" leaning to the Right in 2016 to rebel against their parents! Just as Right Leaning America occasionally watches the Daily Show or John Oliver etc, --  the Left and Center Left, with the correct " Funny Formula" will watch  our show "Conservatively Unplugged!" for a few "news laughs" as well - if it's smart.

BUILT IN TARGET AUDIENCE: According to the most recent Gallup Poll, the Right Leaning Conservative political ideology has held steady with 39% of Americans continuing to describe their views as Conservative, followed by 35% as Moderate, and 21% as Liberal. This marks the fourth straight year that Conservatives have outnumbered Moderates, after more than a decade in which Moderates mainly tied or outnumbered Conservatives. For "Conservatively Unplugged!" as I said above, that’s 117,000,000 Americans, add in many Libertarians + a few million passionate Liberal hate watchers, thus nearly half of the US could watch this show.

DEMOGRAPHIC TARGET AUDIENCES:  Like the other later night shows in the news comedy half hour genre  “Conservatives Unplugged!, will target the same core type of viewers  as The Daily Show, Bill Maher,The Prior Colbert Report and Larry Wiilmore. Yet, notably, the inherent expanded demographics for a “Center Right and Right Based Comedy News Show” due to its currently under served ideological slant can also allow advertisers to target two groups of  target viewers / consumers, not just one. Read below in further example.

CORE DEMOGRAPHIC: The Colbert Report and The Daily Show claim the youngest audiences male audience age 18 to 49, the demographic advertisers covet the most. Notably,of the 24 news sources tested: 43% of Colbert’s regular audience is younger than 30, as is 39% of the Daily Show’s regular viewers. 23% of the US is 18 to 29. Many people actually get their real news from these shows as well. Let’s call this younger hip demographic viewers that could also watch Conservatively

 Unplugged!'s CORE demographic.

For that audience: POTENTIAL ADVERTISERS: Mercedes, Dos XX’s, Movie Trailers, KFC, Fortune Beer, Burger King, TV Show Trailers, Reece's Pieces, AT and T, Pizza Hut, Verizon Toyota, Icebreakers Mints, Oil Of Olay, Digornia Pizza, Bud Light, Tostitos, Hershey’s Chocolate, Landrover, Tylenol Cold and Flu, Nissan Altima, Johnny Walker Black Liquor, Heineken, Video Games.,etc.. ​

EXPANDED DEMOGRAPHIC: In contrast, Right Leaning and Conservative Talk and News Programs, have older audiences. Of regular viewers of FOX  64% are 50 and older, notably per the last census  43% of all Americans are 50 and older, while only 17% of the public is 65 and older. On MSNBC, Liberal talk show audiences also skew older, among regular Hardball watchers, 59% are 50 or older, and 28% are at least 65. Among regular Rachel Maddow viewers, 57% are 50 or older and 25% are at least 65. Let’s call this older demographic of Baby Boomers that grew up on late night SNL and viewers that could watch Conservatively  Unplugged!'s 

 EXPANDED demographic.  

POTENTIAL ADVERTISERS: Verizon, Viagra, Fast Signs Business Signs, Readi -Whip Low Calorie Campaign, Reverse Mortgage, Gold, Axiron Testosterone and other Meds, AT & T, Honda

The added revenue power of "Conservatively Unplugged! is that our content being both “Comedy” and “Right and Center Right Leaning" creates a much broader demographic to generate top advertising dollars while also effectively getting out our own new, funny and intelligent comedic political news entertainment show for those hungry to watch and purchase of of the targeted advertising as well.


 Let's next consider the "Political News Entertainment Show" current landscape: The Daily Show, The (prior) Colbert Report, Last Week Tonight, Bill Maher. Although they all make fun of the Center and any general human folly, they all end up ideologically Center Left or Progressive Left in their comedy.  Which is great and it's very funny stuff.  Yet, notably, America has 320,000,000 citizens. Now of these 206,072,000 are eligible to vote and around 117,000,000 of these are  already Libertarians, Center Right Republicans and Conservatives. Voters and watchers that could all love a good political news laugh, and need a place to land weekly with a show of their own. ​

Simply,  there are 2 Americas. Always will be and that's doesn't mean the system is too polarized or broken, it means it's just perfect. That dynamic tension is what makes our country  free, prosperous and powerful globally -- even with our many American imperfections.

TWO AMERICAS:  Since Nixon and far before, elections have always been won and lost by just a few basis points. i.e, Obama vs. Romney 52% to 48% popular vote, Bush vs. Gore 49% to 48%, etc.  This year who the hell knows.

3 Min Season One Sizzle Reel

See our Written TV pilot and 

CU! News Season Bible
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Weekly The News Demands

Thank you for your consideration of

"Conservatively Unplugged!"  for further development,

 production and partnership. 


Judd Dunning has worked his way through the ranks of politics with grace and admirable ethics --  but he needs to stop trashing me on his show about my emails. Not cool."     Hillary Clinton 

OUR SHOW:  "Conservatively Unplugged!”  (aka "Politically Unplugged" and #KindaPolitics) is a high quality studio and field based "Weekly Comedic Political News Entertainment Show" for

"Center Right, Conservative, Libertarian and Americans, aka "The Other 50% of America". ​"Conservatively Unplugged!”.  Our show falls into the very successful  "Parody News Genre" as a host driven show with a talented multicultural "CU! News Team" ensemble and weekly celebrity guests. 

Think the "Center Right and Right Leaning" answer to "The Daily Show" or"The Colbert Report" with behind the scenes "Curb Your Enthusiasm" news team antics. For our host, news team and crew, matters unwind quickly as our "CU! News Team"  try's to stay on "Center Right/Right Wing"  ideological point while reporting on each weeks actual political news.  When "Unplugged", our news team often reveals themselves not just as TV right wingers, but as self effacing, funny, smart, neurotic American pundits on and off the news studio desks, who  just like everybody else, have a lot of "issues".  

At our heart we are mostly an intelligent political interview talk show with  "drop in sketches"  and of course will develop as more open minded in views. It will take a much higher funding to produce our full vision with a full writing team ( *It takes 100 people a day to make The Daily Show, so the skys the limit!)  but our pilot segments are more for showcasing our adapting talent and great potential. 

Also to date, our full pilot script is also been filed at the WGA and trademarked, we exclusively own"Conservatively Unplugged!”, aka "Politically Unplugged!" & #KindaPolitics. Our full demo script, full season news based bible and full CU! News Team  ensemble character sketches are completed and available upon request. As "the news" changes quickly they get dated by nature but are fully ready for further expansive development. We are of of course, always adapting and adjusting as needed as given the nature of Hollywood itself a more centrist show version may be more easily be funded and made in our first phase on networks or cable. Also think Bill Mahr's show with a more Center Right Colbert Report element added in. We will assume you've seen our highlights reel, show segments on our Website. Please see below for our production and show release strategy as well as our ad revenue potential.  

THE BIG 5 : Bottom Line, there are five reasons why our show is timely and ready to be broadcast on Cable, Web TV or a Hybrid Platform immediately, 1) Our well researched news based show is funny and smart politically 2)  There exists a current, definable and even dire need for a "Right Leaning Weekly Political Comedy Entertainment Show" for the massively under-served "Other 50% of America" entertainment demographic 3) We have strong seasoned talent within a well researched political comedy show pilot that is already completed with the infrastructure in place and ready to commence immediately 4) America has yet another another long presidential election cycle about to commence with good laughs very needed on the way to November 8th 2016 and beyond and 5) With the right team united there are considerable profits to made via both production and advertising revenues. Red, White, Blue and Green.  "Conservatively Unplugged!" sparked from a deep passion to communicate politics through comedy. That being said, production and advertising revenues fuel all entertainment vehicles to reach their greatest audience and this show can and has the potential to generate very high revenues for all involved ~ via some Good, Center Right Comedy News Entertainment. 

Tommy Savitt says "Watch this Damn Show"

*During Phase One or Two  if you are a product owner who seeks exposure, please also free to call us regarding PRODUCT PLACEMENT on our show and/or advertisement on our website. Your brand and link we be added to our site and mentioned accordingly.

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  • PRO-Israel and ANTI-Iran
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