Our new Conservative News Player , Michael

Devorzon simply looks good and he cant act. Sometimes even acts his job for us as a Associate Producer. TV credits include "Charmed", "Beverly Hills 90210", "Passions", "Son Of A Beach" and "Melrose Place" His film credits include "Producer Sam", "The Journey", "Any Day" and the NBC movie "Submerged" which was filmed at Cinecittà studios in Rome and on location on the island of Malta. Mike loves America and all its women.

Quinton Flynn

CU News Player | Reporter | Political Impressionsist 

Is not in this show. But this is a very cool picture

All of this combined with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Loyola University New Orleans landed Rachel her first TV job as a producer & entertainment reporter at Fox News Baton Rouge. Local news continued to call her name, this time to Fox 35 Orlando. After several years producing, it was time to pursue her passion for hosting. Rachel took a job at the nationally syndicated show “The Daily Buzz” as a correspondent which quickly landed her as host and executive producer of “Life Love Shopping.” Rachel is based in Hollywood and works as a TV host, red carpet correspondent, and live event host. Lady on TV is a behind the scenes look at Rachel Kopczyk's life. Rachel Kopczyk is a working TV host, producer, writer, typical Leo, dancing queen, city girl and the "Lady on TV." She lives in Los Angeles, California. How do you pro-nouce her last name? Think Cop-Check! 

Producers Note:  Everyone who meets Rachel tries to hit on her in both the field and studio, It's  been somewhat of a distraction for us. Yet, of course,  this is not something that would affect her job  on our show., as that would be "Beauty-ism" and  we could have some kind of legal liability.   When its comes to hard core politics and Rachel, well,  "it's never to late to educate"  and this make take us a season or two. 

​She also studied abroad in London, England and was a performer on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas cruise ship.  Carrie works as an entertainment news host for Hollyscoop.com, co-host at AfterBuzz TV and is the former host for financial news programs, The Options News Network, and We Seed TV.  She is the creator of ScrewItUp.org, a do-it-yourself online show featuring budget and screw-up friendly projects…that means she has more tools than shoes. Which is mighty sexy unless, of course, you’re one of those guys who gets insecure of being "out-garaged.”   

Carrie worked amid the chaos of the open outcry trading floors at the Chicago Board of Trade, as a political ghostwriter, media-director, field producer, and twenty-five…ish other random jobs. Blah blah blah, she’s got a hefty resume.  We get it.   

She is very tall; she drank her milk.  She did not play pro-basketball. Carrie recently passed Judd and Rob's "Breitbart Conservative Litmus Test” with a "B-" thus making her more of a "Magenta Right " pundit. Whatever…that's cool with us, as we needed one on the show anyway. Carrie Long "Co-Host and Field Reporter"Our lovely Co-Host and Field Reporter, Carrie Long is a Los Angeles based comedian, actor, host and writer.

Judd Dunning  

           "Host  | Creator | Executive Producer"


Judd loves God, Country, Family and Fox News. Always highly political, one day when he was out philosophically spelunking while door knocking in Ohio, Judd fell into "Plato's Cave" where he spent an obsessive decade of further studying politics, religion and philosophy. Judd is a member of so many right leaning political organizations that he was actually audited by the IRS twice. Although Judd has political aspirations, he admits it will never happen due to his blatant honesty, sarcasm and general inability to let anyone else talk when he is confronted with any form of political inanity or pretension.For the last decade Judd has also been having a mad secret love affair with American Free Market Capitalism, where he has sold millions of square feet of institutional real estate and placed over 100 million dollars in private equity within his top 5 international firm.

Judd has a black cat by the name of "Monkey" that has no tail, she's 15 and getting senile. Judd says " Hey Jimmy Fallon has it right just love America."

Believing in  George W. Bush's famous words, " C's get Degrees"Judd graduated Pre-Law with an emphasis on political science and economics at Colorado State University.

Judd ditched "Blind Lady Justice" to attend the American Conservatory Theater and marched onward as an Actor, Filmmaker, Writer and Comedian (Comedy Store, Icehouse, Improv and "the road") for 17 years. 

Our lovely Co-Host and Field Reporter, Carrie Long is a Los Angeles based comedian, actor, host and writer.   Prior to her burgeoning career here at  Conservatively Unplugged! Carrie hailed from the Mid-West. Cows. Corn. One stoplight. Cows are not receptive to humor, so Carrie traded in the cornfields for obstructed city views to study improvisation with the Second City Chicago’s Conservatory.

"Politics  aren't the exact language of God. But, they're damn close." 

                                                           Judd Dunning 

Michael Devorzon

CU News Player | Reporter |  Associate Producer

George W. Bush

Former United States President

Our new Conservative News Player "Intern Rachel Kopczyk’s" always knew she wanted to work in television. It began at 8 years old with a visit to a Chicago news station. She anchored “Kid News” and that set her on an incredible journey as a TV host. Rachel started out in radio at her hometown’s Q101 Chicago’s Alternative and B97 in New Orleans. Then she got a taste of working in a newsroom at ABC 7 Chicago.

Rachel Kocpczk

"Intern and Field Reporter"

Carrie Long 

"Co-Host and Field Reporter"

George W. Bush

Former United States President

Barrack Obama

Current United States President

Our new Conservative News Player Quinton Flynn while note dazzling all people with the  voices of  Liam Nesson, Nicholas Cage, Paul McCartney, Christopher Walken, Christopher Lloyd and others is an our own CU! American comic, voice actor  and Right wing rockstar. You know the Mighty Flynn  from Robot Chicken and Timon & Pumbaa and many other shows. When it comes to the voice of thew news, he's everyone else.

Is also not in this show. But this a very cool picture, as well. Notably, he has  been on the ol' links  around 186 times in the last 7 years which is cool too, Hmmm...