The Issues: (That Judd Has Both Publicly And Personally)

  • Pro - Conservatism
  • Pro - Free Markets,  Jobs and Rampant Western Materialism
  • Pro - Nobama Care
  • Mother Issues
  • Pro Black Energy 
  • Anything Right Wing
  • Pro Life  & Traditional Marriage When Drunk at Private Right Wing Parties Only 
  • Pro - Retirement Security via Elimination of Old Age
  • Nervous Tummy
  • Pro - Drone and *Interventionism   (*both foreign and alcohol)
  • Pro - Guns  and Pheasant and ISIS Hunting
  • Pro - God and Anti Hell
  • Fox News TV Addiction While Chewing 2mg Nicorette
  • Pro - Safe Fracking(after marriage or at least once engaged)
  • Pro-Family and Pro-Spanking Until the Age of 7 Developmentally
  • Fear of Abandonment
  • Irritating Russians, the Chinese and all  Islamic Sharia Loving West Hating Extremists Whenever Possible.

In 2016, our host Judd Dunning and his CU News Player's collective political entertainment news mission is to let America knows that in our new show"Conservatively Unplugged",  that Right Of Center "Red And Magenta" Americans  Are Just As Funny, Hip, Intelligent And Cool As, At Least, Some As The Less Funny Liberals Are ”.


Our show Host, Judd Dunning was  raised in  small town America. Judd's a distant descendant of Robert E Lee and a bunch of other Old School Patriotic Americans who came over in 1678, kicked British ass then created freedom and prosperity

out of nothing except by good old fashioned Hard Work, Free Markets and Crony Capitalism. Judd voted for Bush twice and identifies himself as "Hockey Mom and a Political Pundit and Pitbull minus the Lipstick and a Female Body". Judd  recovered from a very brief "Michael Moore Conspiracy Based Climate Change Progressive" period in his 20's after he moved to Hollywood. Now a short 20 years later, although Judd is a "Check The Box Conservative", he has  been able to keep at least SOME of his friends in California.

Not a stereo type or nut job, ("at least not on the air") Judd believes passionately in:

  1. Healthy Rotation of US Leadership, Free Markets and Smaller Government
  2. A Patriotic Love of both of the 2 Americas, Right and Left,
  3. The desperate need for more, actually funny Right Leaning Humor  that all Americans could enjoy ((Without being a dick to do it.)
  4. That being on  cable TV  and the web, radio, podcasts will eventually makes him look younger and cooler than he actually is. 

Judd loves the US, God, His Family, Right Of Center Politics, Comedy, as well as Obama’s Aggressive Use Of Drones amidst his complete absence of any other effective foreign or domestic strategies.

About Our Show and Host/Anchor Judd Dunning

"​So "Right" It Can't Be Wrong"
(*even when we egregiously are)
Judd Dunning has worked his way through the ranks of politics with grace and admirable ethics , but he needs to stop trashing me on his show. Not cool."     Hillary Clinton