​​Season One Highlights

The War on Jesus 

Judd's show truly rocks.  One of my secret pleasures!

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​​​​​​Judd Dunning  & the "CU News Players!"

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Bye Bye Boehner (and your spoonerism)

#PinnochioGate - Hillary 2016

​​Judd Dunning has worked his way through the ranks of politics with grace and admirable ethics --  but he needs to stop trashing me on his show about my emails. Not cool."     Hillary Clinton ​

Sharna Burgess Dancing with Stars 2015

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Red , Blue  &   Magenta  Nation!
​​​   "This Show is gonna be HUUUGEEE!" 
The Donald 


Season 2 now enroute  & patriotically  battling

 "Ameri-shame" Daily!

Judd Dunning    is one of the coolest TV Hosts and Bloggers defending Conservative Comedy and US values since Edmund Burke and Charlie Heston.

Love that dude."   ​​President Ronald Reagan